Some of our Kittahs

This is Mr Mittens...

picture of a sad catMr Mitten's owner, Jessica, tweeted #MayThe4th at the media studio that owns that science fiction franchise.

He belonga me now. He's working in a call centre just outside Slough at the moment because humans have to social distance and work from home.

If your broadband is down, you'll probably have to speak to Mr Mittens. If he remains in his current conditions, there is every chance he could be promoted to Team Leader.

Jessica: You can buy Mr Mittens out of indentured call centre servitude.

Release Mittens!

Tabbytha wants home

Tabbytha's owner Fred included the #MayThe4th in a tweet complaining about a streaming content provider.

Tabbytha belonga us now.

She is currently a production supervisor in an artisan cornflake factory just outside Tralee, but she dreams of returning home to Fred.

So she can exact her revenge for his careless use of social media.

Fred: A small donation to a charity will get Tabbytha on her way back to you. A large donation will keep a psychotic cat away from you for a little longer (cornflake production is up under her supervision).

Transport Tabbytha!

What the hell is this?

So, who sent us the Trash Panda? 

This is YourCatIsMyF*, not

It's even a subtle reference to a totally different media franchise owned by the large entertainment conglomerate we are lampooning here.

Are you TRYING to get this shut down?

Look, we have him. He's obnoxious but kind of endearing with his little bandit mask. 

So... donate to charity and we might set the little blighter free (once he's finished configuring our router and firewall). 

Welease Wocket!!